Are Telecom Plus Shares Showing Form?

It seems to be in vogue for a telecom company to be labeled as a multi-utility supplier, but very few are actually befitting of such title. In fact, many companies giving themselves such title don’t actually qualify for it. However, one company that definitely does qualify for such title is Telecom Plus. They trade as Utility Warehouse in the United Kingdom and have a customer base of over 500,000. The figures certainly paint a pretty picture, but do Telecom Plus shares reflect the quality of their gas, electricity, landline, broadband, and mobile services?

What makes Telecom Plus shares so appealing is how well the company operates. Streamlined is an appropriate way to determine just how well the company runs on a day to day basis. Their entire operation is based out of a large North London housed office that has over 700 employees. From such office, they run full landline telephones services, mobile telephone services, along with broadband, gas and electric offerings. They even run a pre-paid cash back card operation as well. Multi-faceted really isn’t the word, considering how many pies Telecom Plus have their hands in and how many entities have an impact on the price of Telecom Plus shares.

Most impressively Telecom Plus has shown a stern face to adversity in 2014. The hot summer in the United Kingdom definitely went a long way in dampening the nations need for energy. Yet in spite of this Telecom Plus have actually managed to grow their customer base by 7% during such time. This has also seen them grow their operating profits by nearly 33% to £14.6 million. Should you be looking at buying Telecom Plus shares, the figures really don’t lie, the company has clearly been doing something right.

Being a part of telecom markets means that Telecom Plus has plenty of peers. Many of these peers chose to take a shot at cracking the TV market, something that Telecom Plus avoided. Deeming the market “confusing”, it has been proven to be a wise decision by the company. As they have been able to improve their own business while their competitors have placed their focus elsewhere. Those who own Telecom Plus shares will clearly hope that this way of thinking continues long into the future, as it is clearly a smart way of doing business.

It seems everyone and their brother wants to have a multi-utility supplier in their portfolio. Probably because of those who truly embrace the spirit of such title cover plenty of ground across several industries. Determining the best of the multi-utility suppliers out there isn’t easy, but there is no question that Telecom Plus should be a contender worthy of your attention. They have shown smart business acumen time and time again during their existence, growing their business at a slow yet notable pace. Telecom Plus shares have also followed a similar pattern, providing investors with plenty of positive news. Questioning whether Telecom Plus shares reflect the performance of Telecom Plus is one thing, but there is no doubt there is value to be found in the company.

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