KKR Real Estate Finance Trust IPO – Hold The Ground

KKR Real Estate Finance Trust IPO

The KKR Real Estate Finance Trust IPO was announced to the public on the 3rd of April 2017. The company, a real estate mortgage investment trust managed by KKR itself, was already widely known as an acquirer and provider of senior loans; that is loan extensions made for business purposes to companies that would normally […]

Univision IPO – Profitable?

univision ipo

If there is a Univision IPO in 2017 then will it be profitable or not? This is a question asked, or at least the latter part has been asked with some variants ever since the giant Spanish-language broadcaster announced that it had filed for an IPO back in 2015. Events at the end of 2016 […]

Qudian IPO – Most Demanding IPO In 2017

qudian ipo

To appreciate the factors that might go to make the Qudian IPO the most demanding of 2017 then we must study the nature of this Chinese giant of the fin-tech micro-lending business and also those factors which have facilitated its growth and which will also underpin its future fortunes. The Chinese economy has made great […]

Is It The Right Time To Buy Samsung Shares

buy samsung shares

If you have been wondering whether now is the right time to buy Samsung shares then you will probably have been keeping abreast of the news concerning the South Korean electronics giant, and the nature of this news may have left you feeling somewhat alarmed. It seems that for the last year scandals have dogged […]

Microsoft: A Market Darling Once More?


Bill Gates ‘Microsoft’ is excelling in world trading as of late, and moreover, income investors could benefit massively from the stock if US corporate tax reduction policy is implemented Microsoft (MSFT: NASDAQ) was at the height of its game back in the late 90s. Although this bubble imminently burst, a solid climb in recent years […]