3 Great Investment Ideas For 2018

For those of you who are always on the lookout for great investment ideas here are some that might be worth your attention in 2018. Remember not just to take our word for it though; they may be our investment ideas but it is your money! Whatever you decide to do, always do your homework first. This brings us rather neatly to our first great idea for 2018. Those of you who regularly consult the internet will already be familiar with the name of Morning Star Inc. If not, then here are a few basic facts. Morningstar Inc. is a leading investment research company, well established all over the world and providing data on over half a million investment opportunities and just under 18 million indexes, options, futures and commodities. The company also provides management services for investments through registered subsidiaries. The figures for the company look good all through 2016 and predictions are for a strong performance in 2018. There is no need to take our word for it, though; you can find all the facts you need on Morningstar!

The second of great investment ideas for 2018 is a true thirst quencher, or at least it is concerned with the production of a beverage enjoyed by billions of people all over the world. The name of Coca-Cola will always be indelibly associated with the USA but Coca-Cola European Partners PLC is a very considerable operation in its own right, and is, in fact, the world’s largest bottler of Coca-Cola products, at least in terms of revenue. This is hardly surprising when you consider that the company caters to a market of more than 300 million thirsty customers all over the continent. We do not really have time to get into the figures here but consult a dedicated website to see how investing in this company could be one of the great contrarian investment ideas for 2018.

The third of our great investment ideas for 2018 is hardly a controversial one. Apple Inc. will a name familiar to many, if not all of you. The company remains one of the world’s leading designers of not only computers but also, of course, mobile media and communication devices. Think here of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, the Mac and the many other ubiquitous devices which proudly bear the Apple Logo. What you might not know, is that at the start of 2018 Apple stock was trading at prices that were very reasonable compared to their average; the stock continued to command a fair multiple of 13.6x per share. The company also pays a quarterly dividend, giving the stock a yield of 1.8%. You might be interested to learn also that Apple had, by the end of 2016, raised its annual dividend payment for straight years, and there seemed no reason at all for this to not continue into the future. With all to be said in its favour, you can see why Apple Inc. is one of the great investment ideas for 2018.

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