Best Cryptocurrency To Invest 2018

What is the best cryptocurrency in which to invest in 2018? The answer might seem a simple one to those who have been watching the cryptocurrency world throughout 2017; surely the answer would be Bitcoin. After all, has the this, the first, most famous and most successful of the cryptocurrencies of the world not enjoyed a good year? In fact, some might say that ‘good’ is an understatement! Bitcoin has received much glowing publicity throughout 2017. It has been described as ‘unstoppable’ by some observers and 2018 looks to be potentially just as good, if not better. Next year may see bitcoin exceed the psychologically important US$ 10,000 mark as early as the first quarter and the new year also seems likely to see institutional level investment for the cryptocurrency, combined with the development of level two solutions, possibly in combination with widespread merchant adoption. With all these very considerable factors taken into account, why would bitcoin not be the sure-fire winner in the contest to see which will be the best cryptocurrency for 2018?

Of course, this may well be the case, but the future is uncertain (as always!) The very success of bitcoin might prove to be a short-term weakness, as there is always the possibility that we might see a major pull-back. Remember that bitcoin is popular with some investors in the same way that gold is possible; it is used as a balancing instrument in portfolios because it does not behave in the same manner as normal stocks and shares. If it starts to become predictable in its behaviour, then investors may begin to look elsewhere.

These unlikely eventualities aside, bitcoin looks like a safe investment for 2018, but it is not the only one which you might consider. Less well-known and much less-publicised cryptocurrencies are available for you, if you take the time to look, and you may find that some of them are under-priced, if not downright cheap. Take the anti-scalping ticket marketing platform Blocktix, for example, which seeks to exploit a well-publicised niche market in a well-considered manner, with events arranged following its ICO that have been created for the sole purpose of introducing the platform to new customers. Or consider the prediction market platform Stox, which again has a clear plan for the future, backed by a talented and experienced team, and which some analysts are predicting to be 2018’s ‘ten-bagger’. Or consider Aragon, which enjoyed a quiet year after its successful ICO and which, as a result, is under-priced. Aragon has potential, which is appropriate because it is a platform that seeks to provide decentralised solutions. Some analysts predict that it will become the dream off the founders of cryptocurrencies, a leviathan owned by the public, knowing no borders or nationalities and providing, via its blockchain technology, the potential to create many other, similar solutions. Some wonder if Aragon might not become the best performing cryptocurrency of 2018; things will have to go right for them, but that is true of all ventures. The future looks certain to be interesting.

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