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IBM Stocks Prediction 2017

IBM Stocks Prediction 2017

Those of you who are wondering investing in IBM stocks may have recently found yourself baffled by what seem to be conflicting messages coming from the experts in the field. Some voices claim that IBM is far past its prime, a reminder of the olden days when International Business Machines was famous for its mainframes, […]

Alibaba Shares – Buy or Sell?

alibaba shares buy or sell

The giant Chinese company Alibaba has been described by some as a cross between PayPal, E-bay and Amazon and certainly as of 2015 it had become the world’s largest retailer, even surpassing Wal-Mart in this field. If you are interested in the question whether you should buy or sell Alibaba shares then you are probably […]

What Stocks To Buy During The Christmas Period?

What Stocks To Buy During The Christmas Period

The Christmas season is always associated with celebrating, giving, travelling, and visiting friends and family. Although turkey and tinsel are probably more on your mind than investment strategies, there are usually some great investment returns for investors who hold positions in certain stock categories that were purchased prior to the holiday season. Keep in mind […]

The Pros and Cons of Diageo Shares

While some may look at shares in the company Diageo and run a mile, sometimes taking a little bit of a risk can pay off substantially. Between 2015 and 2016 Diageo shares have risen by 28%, doubling the performance of the broader market. Over the last 3 years, Diageo shares have also managed to maintain […]

Samsung Shares Lose Further Market Share In China

Competition from Chinese handset manufacturers is resulting in an on-going loss of market share by Samsung Electronics in the Chinese Market. As shown in the market research conducted by Counter Point Technology, Samsung’s market share in the increasingly important Chinese smartphone market was down by a net loss of 5.1% from 12.8% a year ago […]