Should I Buy Premier Oil Shares?

Premier Oil Shares

Should you buy Premier oil shares? It is an interesting question and, as is usually the case, the answer comes down to balancing the pros and cons while considering the wider market. It is probably rather difficult for anyone who has followed the fortunes of oil over the past five years to approach such a […]

Vesuvius Shares – Buy or Sell?

vesuvius shares

Vesuvius plc is an engineered ceramics company based in the United Kingdom. Generally, when people think of ceramics, they call to mind clay pots, ornate vases and crockery – however, Vesuvius’ merchandise is certainly not of this ilk. Their products have a diverse range of commercial applications and are used in the glass industry, and […]

Equitable Slice; Investing In SVG Capital

Investing In SVG Capital

SVG Capital is a private equity firm, based in the UK. Whilst the average person on the street would be hard pushed to define the concept of private equity, much less name even one private equity firm, PE plays a pivotal and increasingly pivotal role in the wider economy. The investments of PE vehicles have […]

Should You Go All In For William Hill Shares?

Should You Go All In For William Hill Shares

Big advertising campaigns, big bets, and big profits are making William Hill one of the biggest bookmakers in the United Kingdom. Not only is the company pushing through in new directions, but William Hill shares have also been reaping the rewards. After celebrating their 80th anniversary, it is clear that William Hill shares are on […]

Are Telecom Plus Shares Showing Form?

telecom plus shares

It seems to be in vogue for a telecom company to be labeled as a multi-utility supplier, but very few are actually befitting of such title. In fact, many companies giving themselves such title don’t actually qualify for it. However, one company that definitely does qualify for such title is Telecom Plus. They trade as […]

Best Cryptocurrency To Invest 2018

Best cryptocurrency to invest 2018

What is the best cryptocurrency in which to invest in 2018? The answer might seem a simple one to those who have been watching the cryptocurrency world throughout 2017; surely the answer would be Bitcoin. After all, has the this, the first, most famous and most successful of the cryptocurrencies of the world not enjoyed […]

Amazon’s Cryptocurrency – A New Era

Amazon’s cryptocurrency

During the first weeks of November 2017, there was a great deal of speculation ongoing in interested circles about the future of Amazon’s cryptocurrency. More specifically, many observers were wondering about why Amazon had registered three cryptocurrency related web domains in the course of just one short week. The company itself did not join in […]

Polymetal International Shares – Trading Tips

Polymetal International Shares

Are you interested in Polymetal International shares? If you are already then this article will probably rehearse a great deal of information with which you are already familiar. If you do not know anything about the company in question then perhaps this short introduction will serve to further whet your interest in Polymetal International shares […]

UPS Shares Hike – Time to Invest?

ups shares

If you follow the markets, then you may have noticed that the end of July 2017 saw UPS shares experience a sudden hike after the company announced its results for the quarter. As you might expect from such a cause and effect, the results were not only good, they were significantly better than had been […]